Mail Server Registration
In order to reduce excessive network traffic caused by open e-mail relays and virii infected computers, registration of e-mails servers is required.

Unregistered e-mail servers will not be able to send or receive e-mail from outside of UNM.

If this request is being made on behalf of a student or student group, a staff or faculty sponsor must fill out the registration request form as the responsible party for the student or student group.

The following requirements must be met in order to run an e-mail server on UNM's network:
  • A UNM staff or faculty member must manage and maintain e-mail service in order to remain on the allowed e-mail server list.

  • E-mail servers must be configured to disallow unauthorized e-mail relaying.

  • Antivirus software must be run on e-mail servers before mail is sent outside of the UNM network, and before it is delivered internal to UNM's network.

  • E-mail servers must have an MX record.

Failure to maintain the above requirements will result in e-mail servers being removed from the list of allowed e-mail servers.